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The Curiosities

Winner of the Aurealis Award, 2021

Kirkus Starred Review

Kirkus Best Picture Books of 2022

Longlisted for the ABIA Children's Picture Book of the Year

Miro wakes one morning to find the world isn't quite the way he thought it was. When the Curiosities choose Miro as the one they nest on, Miro is led to discover all the marvels waiting in the shadows where no-one else looks. Sometimes though, the Curiosities can make Miro feel alone and invisible in the darkness.
But perhaps Miro isn't as alone as he thinks...

A beautiful celebration of disability, diversity and pride in who you are, from one of Australia's most loved and awarded writers for children.

With the Curiosities, a whole world of wonders and possibles awaits...


"Perfect confluence of words and illustrations makes The Curiosities an exceptional picture book. It will reward multiple readings and encourage contemplation of creative, thoughtful and deep ideas."

(Paperbark Words)

"Sometimes a book comes along that is so moving and so beautiful that it's very hard to review it with the justice it deserves... This is a picture book that is a beautiful celebration of disability and diversity."


'Winning and wondrous, this picture book is a compelling appreciation of neurodiversity'

(Kirkus Reviews, starred review)

'As always, Fraillon excels in her projection of special subjects. Her prose is deeply emotive, derived from an internal source; an intimacy with her subject.
Beautifully illustrated to complement the poetic language, the end has a page of descriptive information from both author and illustrator, that will generate a greater understanding of the subject, its symptoms and outcomes.'

(Anastasia Gonis, Kids' Book Review)

'This beautiful story is a voice for all those who live with a neurodiversity...Fraillon has created a story...rarely seen in children’s literature. The Curiosities embraces the differences and unique perspective that people living neurodiversities have. Through Miro, Fraillon shows that these differences can shed light on a world that is mysterious and wonderful...Lesnie captures this beauty and darkness exceptionally well with his watercolour illustrations...Depicted in such a form, Lesnie’s illustrations and interpretation of Fraillon’s story will help readers gain a better understanding of what it is like to live with a neurological disorder, providing a foundation for empathy and openness to self-expression.'

(Julia Pitre, CM: Canadian Review of Materials)


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