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Monstrum House
Forget about goblins. Forget about elves, unicorns and trolls. But don't ever forget about monsters. Forgetting about a monster is just about the worst thing you can do. Because monsters will never forget about you...

Jasper McPhee has been expelled from too many schools to remember. The Monstrum House School for Troubled Children is his last chance.

It looks like a normal school. All the parents who send their kids there think it's a normal school. What everyone doesn't realise is that Monstrum House is actually a place that trains kids to be monster hunters. And the monsters aren't cute and cuddly. They lurk under beds and in the school basement, some scare kids, some eat kids, and some morph them into stone. 


It's no use telling your parents that the school is making you catch monsters. After being expelled from schools time and time again, who would believe you?


'Readers 9+ will love these in-the-real-world monsters and the idea that adults, their brains shrinking with age, are too small-minded to believe in the danger all around them. It’s up to kids to save the day . . . This is the first book in what promises to be both a fun and frightening series.'

(The Reading Stack)

'This new series combines a remote boarding school, quirky kids and monsters that go bump in the night for a fun adventure series for kids aged 9+.'


'The stories are imaginative and exciting, and the addition of Jasper’s 'sketches' really helps creatures come alive.'

(Cracking the Cover)

'Can't recommend these enough and after reading all four books we hope there is more from this author and very soon!' ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️    


'Wow not possible but AWESOME!!!!!!!'

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️    


Monstrum House - Locked In

Jasper McPhee is always getting into trouble. That's why he's been sent to the Monstrum House School for Troubled Children.


But there's something very strange about Monstrum House. For a start, the students have to stand barefoot in the snow every day. There's also the creepy feeling that the teachers can read your thoughts.


Oh, and the fact that the school is crawling with monsters. Jasper has never been in trouble like this...

Monstrum House - Creeped Out

Jasper and his friends are about to take on their biggest challenge. They have to find a monster that has been set loose somewhere in the Monstrum House school grounds … before it finds them.


If they fail, they'll have their creepy teacher Stenka to answer to. Or perhaps they'll be eaten by the monster. It's hard to know which is worse.


And you thought your school was bad...

Monstrum House - Sucked Under

It's exam time at Monstrum House, and the top students in Jasper's year will be rewarded. They'll get to hunt a monster that lives at the bottom of a lake and likes to drown people for fun ...


Maybe it's just as well Jasper hasn't studied. Jasper has two options: passing the exams and facing the monster, or failing and facing his horrible teachers.


Is Jasper in over his head?

Monstrum House - Taken Over

Jasper has not had a good start to the year: the prefects are out to get him, he hasn't done his homework, and a bunch of vicious monsters are laying their eggs in Monstrum House.


Jasper and his friends need to stop the monsters' eggs hatching before it's too late. But hunting these monsters is more dangerous than Jasper realises.


The hatchlings need to eat something, and it could be him!

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