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Clunes Booktown Festival

Exploring the teen The Ones That Disappeared in Conversation reading culture TOWN HALL FREE LENDING LIBRARY Saturday 5th May Saturday 5th May 10.00 - 11.00 1.00 - 2.00

SPEAKERS Jaclyn Moriarty, Ellie Marney, Zana Fraillon CHAIR Ernest Price

A little while ago a stunning statistic flew around the internet: 33% of American high school graduates never read another book in their lives. Without going into a debate about statistics, it highlights just how important reading at school is and how vital teenage writers (and teachers, and librarians) are. The books kids read while at school might be the last books they ever read. Join three exceptional writers for teen readers as they discuss in- and out-of-school reading cultures, reading for pleasure, the importance of creating an appetite for books that might last a lifetime and the pressure to not be the last book ever.

PANEL: Presented by VATE

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