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When No-one's Looking
On The Farm
The animals on the farm can swim, stomp and run. 

But when no-one's looking, they have all kinds of fun...


With striking, busy illustrations and lift-up pages revealing exactly what the animals really do get up to when no one's around, kids will delight in this romping tale.


A perfect book for all those readers who still check to see whether their toys have moved around during the day.


With rhyming text and revealing flaps, this is a book which begs to be read and re-read.

When No-one's Looking
At The Zoo

The animals at the zoo can stretch, growl, and roar. But when no one is looking, they are up to much more!


A charming lift-and-reveal picture book perfect for young children.

The book plays on the notion that animals do funny and often absurd activities when no one is looking, and invites imaginative responses from the reader before revealing the pictures hidden behind the flaps.

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